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2020-07-11 星期六


Package A200

is applicable for all citizens in and out of Yancheng


Package B100

is designed for any student in schools in Yancheng, or Yancheng citizens in schools out of Yancheng, including colleges, secondary schools, and primary schools, as well as Yancheng citizens with the age between 60 (inclusive) and 70 (exclusive)

Guidance Notes for Online Application of the Yearly-Paid Tourist Card

In order to input the real personal information into Yancheng Yearly-Paid Tourist Card (hereinafter referred to as ‘yearly card’) Platform accurately, and ensure the effective use of the yearly card, please read the instructions carefully before filling in the information. The application for the yearly card is voluntary. Please agree to the declaration before filling in the information, otherwise the online application will be regarded as invalid.

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Yearly-Paid Tourist Card Application Requirements

The city citizens can apply for the Yancheng yearly-paid tourist card voluntarily. The applicant can apply in the designated place of Yancheng Distribution Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) according to the regulations with his/her ID card, and can also log into the WeChat official account of Yancheng Tourism Distribution Center and apply according to the regulations.

The city citizens are required to collect portraits in accordance with the requirements. If portraits are not collected in accordance with the requirements, the center has the right to reject the yearly card applications of the city citizens.

The application shall come into effect immediately after passing the audit, and shall be valid for one year from the date of successful application.

Yancheng Yearly-Paid Tourist Card Application Process


Service Outlets

Yancheng Tourist Distribution Center

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No. 21, East Road of Century Avenue, Yannan new district, Yancheng city, Jiangsu province, China

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Owned outlet

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No specific business hours

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